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Jagmeet Singh Taps Former Audrey McLaughlin Staffer As Chief Of Staff

Michael Balagus has signed an eight-week contract to be Singh temporary Chief of Staff. His last outing in Federal politics was Audrey McLaughlin Communications Chief back in 1993


He has much more experience than the title or previous post suggests:?

Balagus is a campaign veteran with deep roots in the NDP across Canada. Before joining Horwath, Balagus served as chief of staff and campaign director to two Manitoba premiers — Gary Doer and Greg Selinger.

He has also already worked closely with at least one member of Singh’s campaign team: federal co-chair Marie Della Mattia, during the Ontario election.

Balagus joined Horwath in 2014 and ran the provincial NDP campaign last spring. The result was the NDP doubled its seat count and took official-opposition status.